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18 Things That You’ll Instantly Recognise If You’re A Maltese Waiter Or Waitress

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Working in the service industry is not for the fainthearted. If you’re easily tired, easily offended or easily angered, it’s safe to say that it’s probably not the right job for you. 

That said, it can be good fun, keeps you fit and you can make some decent tips if you perfect the art of being happy all the fucking time.

If you’ve ever been a waiter/waitress, you’ll agree with these….

1. You can find a job anywhere in the world

Everyone needs to eat. So even if you decide to quit your job and move to the Bahamas, chances are you’ll find gainful employment in a few days.


2. Your social life consists of drinking in the place you work

Restaurants are busiest at weekends. So while all your friends are out, you’re more likely to end up drowning your sorrows in the leftover dregs of a bottle of Merlot before you set up for the following morning.

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3. The appearance of a child makes you want to cry

They may be cute but going on the hunt for a high-chair and some crayons while a chef is yelling for service is nobody’s idea of a good time.


4. You become completely immune to rudeness

People are the worst. But you get used to it.

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5. People who pay by credit card are a pain

Yes, we know it’s practical but it takes so much longer. And if you split the bill and all pay separately by card? Don’t come back. Ever.

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6. The same goes for anyone who gestures for the bill using their hands

Is it so hard to say please and thank you?

The Love Hate Relationship Of Being A Fan Of A Netflix Original Series 12 0

7. And people who don’t tip

Yes, we’re getting paid. The princely sum of €4.50 an hour, for rushing around and tending to your every whim. Your cocktail probably cost double that. If we made your experience a bit more special than normal, is it so hard to recognise it?

Show Me The Money Gif

8. The ‘chefs are scary, angry creatures’ cliché is true

Not quite Gordon Ramsey levels but it’s a high-pressure environment and sometimes, pots can be thrown.


9. You make a real difference to your customer’s day

Being a waiter/waitress is more than just serving food. You are there for some of the most important moments of people’s lives, from aiding and abetting wedding proposals to offering a smile and a coffee to someone who is having a tough week.

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10. You’re consumed by absolute fear when you have to open a bottle of wine at a table

It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it’s still awkward.

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11. You somehow manage to go through 100 pens and notebooks in one shift

Where do they go?!

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12. Being able to gauge whether a table is finished is a life skill

You go to clear up – someone decides to try another mouthful. Every time.

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13. You lie through your teeth when asked for a recommendation

Mostly because you’ve only eaten three things on the menu.

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14. You smell like a mixture of grease and fish after every shift

And it takes at least two shampoos to get it out of your hair. The glamour.

Smelly Gif

15. Christmas party season is the worst

Drunk customers, terrible singing, working Christmas Eve and Stephen’s Day. Need we go on?

9 Ednxs Wh

16. You have amazing bladder control

Toilet break? Only after those two tables get menus, main courses go to table four and you clean up that spill in the kitchen.

1459871592 Bladder

17. Your co-workers are your best friends

Nothing will bond a group quicker than dealing with a busy service. You take out your anger on each other and then go on the beer. You’ve probably slept with one or two of them as well. Oops.

Tumblr N5Hm3F Qw E41Rrx588O1 500

18. Closing the door on a Sunday feels like being let out of prison


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Do you know anymore waiters or waitresses? Tag someone you know who can totally relate to this.

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