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2017 Was Officially The Year Of The Bad Maltese Driver

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Every year brings a whole 365 days-worth of traffic fails from the beautiful yet chaotic island of Malta. While there have been increased attempts by the authorities to reign in reckless driving and punish drivers caught breaking the law, there are still tons of cowboys on the road. 

Here are some of the most memorable reckless drivers from 2017. Whatever you do, don’t try these stunts at home or on the roads. 

1. The guy drink-driving on a blown out rim in the bike lane

There’s being so drunk that you thought your car is a bike. Then, there’s this guy.

2. The bus driver shouting at an 81-year old man

This video was taken on the last day of this man’s employment. Upon getting a new job at Transport Malta (the irony, right?) he was soon fired after reports on him came out. Très brutal. 

3. The truck driver dropping concrete slabs all over the highway

We still don’t know if the driver was trying to play Jenga or Tetris with the other cars. 

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4. The truck driver who thinks roundabouts are for losers

Why give way when you can take all the ways for yourself.

5. This warden who cares not for the rules

“First day of the new penalty points system? Let me set a good example.”

6. This other warden who also cares not for the rules

Warden is literally the new punk.


7. That one driver who thinks a big red one-way sign means “enter here”

You thought that sign meant stop? You’re apparently wrong.

8. The guy who was a serial offender and literally had to be arrested

Cutting people off repeatedly, overtaking dangerously, and putting your and other people’s lives at risk just wasn’t enough for this cowboy – he just needed some extra juice, like fighting with the police, to end his year in style. 

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9. And of course, the girl who thought her car was a bowling ball

Why spend money at Eden when you can just destroy your car?

Which of these do you think was the worst driver?

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