25,000 Subscribers Later, This Sixteen-Year-Old Maltese YouTuber Is Just Getting Started

The teenager has been making big waves in the last couple of months

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At just 16 years old, this Maltese YouTuber is making waves with his YouTube channel... and he's already close to hitting 27k subscribers this month.

In the past six months, Fluid MNG has been getting around 2,500 subscribers and over 200,000 new views each month. And he's only getting started.

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Photo taken from Fluid MNG's Instagram account: @fluidmng

What does Fluid MNG get up to?

When he's not playing basketball and, well, being a teenager in Malta, Fluid MNG posts video editing tutorial for gamers. His content seems to be aimed mostly at Fortnite gamers and on his YouTube channel you’ll find a series of tutorials on how to edit videos of the game and promotions of various editing packs.

And if 2018 was anything to go off, this young YouTuber has been quite the hit.

Fluid MNG's most-viewed video is currently sitting on over 200,000 views and 7.5k likes. The comments sections of his tutorials are full of gamerspeak that I’m guessing only people with a console can understand (and a little bit of scorn that always finds its way there). All in all, this guy is giving his viewers tutorials that are easy-to-follow and simple to understand.

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Shot taken from one of Fluid MNG's Youtube page

So it looks like the little dude is doing pretty well for himself.

And with those kind of growth rates in a short span of time, we can't wait to see what he's about to do next. Who knows, maybe he'll even catch up to the likes of PewDiePie in the coming years. Felix, watch your back!

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