4-Year-Old Maltese Boy Comes Up With Adorable New Game Perfect For Our Island

Forget racing toy cars around an imaginary track

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We all have fond childhood memories, but one of the commonest one is playing with toy cars. Whether our own collection or our brother's (or sister's), the memories of racing toys cars around imaginary racecourses (read: nanna's fanciest carpet) is sure to strike a chord with thousands. Now, there's a new game which might be even more suited for Malta... and it comes courtesy of a four-year-old.

According to his mother, who posted on popular Facebook forum The Salott, the boy stopped playing "racing cars" with his favourite toy cars around the house, and instead came up with a new game. The game?

"Traffic Jam"

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While it might not seem as fun as imagining flying or super fast cars, we're willing to bet this will quickly catch on, especially with children who love to add that air of accuracy to their daily playtime.

And hey, this sounds like a game that even adults can join in on, as some sort of  weird catharsis at the end of a long day.

Tag someone who'd prefer to play Traffic Jam then be stuck in a real-life one!

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