6 Facebook Requirements For Jobs In Malta

If I don't constantly remind Facebook, how will people know I work?

Cover For Jobs2

1. Real estate agents need a cheesy post a day

You're selling flats in Ħamrun, we're not so sure you need that many flexing emojis.

Omg Kitty

2. And teachers can only share teacher-related memes

But boy have they got hundreds of them saved somewhere. Bonus points if they include Minions.


3. Doctors and nurses need a photo in the lift's mirror wearing their scrubs

In groups or alone, there will always be at least one selfie in Mater Dei's lift (the first one always being traced back to their third-year of studies).


4. Dancers open their legs everywhere while travelling

Grand Jete in front of the Eiffel Tower, and Grand Look-how-high-my-leg-can-go outside Serkin.

Kat Dnace

5. Photographers need a profile shot of the camera covering most of their face

Black and white filter optional. Bonus points if it's in a risque reflective surface (a car mirror, a christmas ornament, someone's sunglasses etc.).

Cat As Photographer By Microkey D4Ydm7B

6. Architects require an upside-down, black and white profile picture

How else will the world know you're edgy and ahead of the curve?

Cat 2

BONUS: All nanniet are required to have no profile pic at all, or 15 of the same ones all cropped badly with one photo of Jesus thrown in for good measure

Nanna Cat

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Chucky Bartolo

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