6 Leonard Cohen Songs That Perfectly Embody Life in Malta

RIP to a true legend!


As Malta mourns the loss of a beloved music legend, we're looking back at some of the Cohen songs which best describe life in Malta. 

With a heavy heart, here's our list:

1. The one that could practically a be a church song

And so perfectly evokes the soundtrack of our childhood.

2. #sliemalife

Because "everybody knows" fucking everything about you. 

3. The JPO / Franco Debono PN ballad

If 'raincoat' were 'turncoat'.

4. The anthem for doomed Maltese politicians 

"I smile when I'm angry, I cheat and I lie". Nuff said. 

5. For all the high-rise fear

And everyone who's worried 'they' are "trying to change the system from within"

6. Defining our customer care 

...and general approach to anything.

7. When you wake up hungover after a Saturday night at Havanna

...and you've forgotten to draw the curtains.

8. Capturing everyone's love-hate relationship with living in Malta

Leonard – thank you.

BONUS: Hallelujah

The song you could get away with looping cause you'd convinced your parents it was religious.

Tag a friend who's devoted to Cohen's music. #longlivecohen

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