6 Of The Best Facebook Groups To Join If You're An Expat In Malta

You'll be a Malta insider in no time!


Moving to Malta is exciting but can also be intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone to give you tips before you arrive. There are so many things you need to know that you wouldn’t even think you’d need to know, so where do you even start?

Luckily, there’s a bunch of very popular, active and useful Maltese Facebook groups to help with anything from tax advice (how long will it really take to receive you e-residence card?), to schools, accommodation, job postings, shops... the list really is endless.

Get the lowdown on the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as people’s recommendations (because sometimes it’s better to learn from personal experiences rather than doing a simple Google search).

Some of the comments and rants will leave you in stitches. Also, most have rules, so make sure you respect them!

And now, for the list. Here are six Facebook groups that will help any expat get the lowdown on everything Maltese.

1. Expats Malta

This group is very useful to find tips and advice on a lot of topics. Just type in some keywords in the group's search function, and get ready to be informed AF.

It's mostly foreigners, but there are tons of Maltese people too. Compared to the other groups though, there is drama here and there and some... not so useful posts.

2. RUBS Are You Being Served?(Moira and Francesca's The Original)

All about the consumers. Mostly includes product, restaurant, book reviews etc. A safe space to discuss, praise, complain. This is also one of the biggest and most Facebook group among locals, so it's a great one to join and follow if you're looking for specific reviews or recommendations.

3. Expats / Foreigners in Malta - [email protected]

Another helpful group which serves as a platform for foreigners to discuss any topic regarding Malta. And hey, that title is a cute and welcoming plus.

4. The Salott (RUBS)

Created by the same people behind RUBS, this group shares similar concepts, sans the customer reviews.

It also happens to be one of the biggest and most active Facebook groups on the island, so expect multiple rants / praises about people, places and and events.

Fun fact: The Salott (Maltese for 'the sitting room') is also where you'll find some of the most hilarious local posts (see: arguments) online.

5. Expats & Foreigners in Malta - RENT IT!!

Looking for a house, shared apartment or a commercial property to rent? This group has you covered with many listings on the daily.

Landlords and agents are welcome to share their available properties too.

6. Rent an apartment / flat to let / share a room in malta

For people in search of a room to rent in Malta, this group is very active and also allows landlords and agents to post their listings too.

Tag a mate who needs to join these groups!

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