6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Rabat



Mdina gets all the love. The Fontanella cake is to die for, the Game of Thrones references are literally bursting through the pretty doors, and the fancy lawn/moat is a guaranteed Instagram magnet.

But move over, Mdina: Rabat is here to make its claim.

1. The history kicks ass

For all you history buffs out there, Rabat has seen it all, boasting everything from remnants of Bronze Age settlements and megaliths to sprawling monasteries and mediaeval palazzos. Although the name 'Rabat' derives from the Arabic word for suburb (it being the latter to Mdina during Fatimid rule), it was formerly a part of the ancient Roman city of Melite.

2. Nature-lovers take note

There's more to Rabat than the town and its amazing architecture. A short car-ride to the westernmost points of Rabat will take you through the beautiful spread of Landrijiet as well as down to Bahrija.

Whether you're looking for a family-day-out, or searching for the elusive Maltese freshwater crab, these little slices of heaven are perfect ways to kill an hour or two.

3. Speaking of Game of Thrones...

Mdina didn't have all the fun when it came to filming the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones. A quick wander through Rabat's streets will bring you to the Dominican Monastery, which doubled as the Red Keep. You may recall this as the place where Cersei Lannister had her spat of word-banter with Ned Stark.

4. It has a fucking forest

OK, it's not really a forest, but we all love to pretend it is. Buskett is the only remaining woodland left in the Maltese islands (developers please take note), and it's the perfect spot for a weekend picnic, a quick run, or a fancy-ass dinner at the Ball of the August Moon.

Now even though it's technically in the limits of Siggiewi and Dingli, you get there via Rabat anyway. So. Sharing is caring guys.

5. It has the coolest catacombs ever

Creepy may be a better way to describe the catacombs, but these amazing underground troves are certainly worth the visit. Whether you head on over to the St. Paul's or the St. Agatha's complex, you're sure to have an amazing experience.

And if you're claustrophobic, we've got that covered too!

6. It will forever be the home of 4 AM pastizzi

We've all been there, travelling back after a wild-night in the back of some misguided designated-driver's car, when suddenly you get that Serkin craving. Yay for cholesterol!

Tag a friend who needs a Serkin pastizz!

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