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6 Totally Rewarding Hobbies You Can Pick Up In Malta In 2017

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Most of the time when you speak to someone about their New Year Resolutions, you’re bound to hear a lot of things they want to stop doing. In the spirit of saying Yes more than No next year, here’s a list of things you can actually start doing instead! 

1. Baking


If there’s one good thing that 2016 gave us, it’s the availability of an amazing choice of mostly homemade desserts. Seeing as many of their makers are actually people in their 20s who have just taken the plunge and put their sweet teeth to good use, we’d definitely recommend following their example. 

2. Jogging


This one hits so many birds with just one stone. First of all, you get to fully take in Malta’s beauty, especially in the fresher months of the beginning of the year. Secondly, you’ll obviously be doing yourself a massive favour with the regular cardio – meaning you might stop losing your breath after the 10 metre walk from the supermarket to your car. And finally, you’ll be doing your part towards Malta hopefully not being voted the most obese country all over again in 2017. Hurray for team effort!

P.S. Just be sure not to run into any of these people while jogging. 

3. Calligraphy & lettering


If you need a hobby that’s going to allow you release your tension and channel your energy into something painstakingly beautiful, you should try this. AK Artistry is offering a course in calligraphy and lettering starting from January taught by a professional graphic artist, so get ready to strut those sexy skills come Summer ’17. Space is limited and the course is filling up fast, so don’t get left behind on this!

4. Learning a new language


Don’t just do it to try and impress that special someone – learning a new language (and inevitably the cultural implications that come with it) can be one of the most rewarding things in life. Plus, it really is going to impress him/her…

5. Volunteering


You want to talk rewarding? How about going out of your way to help make less fortunate people around you smile, expecting absolutely nothing in return? This one’s as rewarding as they get, and is surely an investment towards building a better, happier you. 

6. Cycling


Another rewarding hobby on so many different levels. Decreasing your carbon footprint and avoiding all that morning road rage while probably still getting to work earlier is something we’ve already learnt earlier this year. But above and beyond all of that, cycling will of course keep you insanely fit, especially in relatively hilly Malta… so everything else is really a generous helping of icing on the cake.

BONUS: Being less of a dick


Seriously people, 2016 has let us down in a handful of ways. If you’re going to have only one resolution, let it be being nice to each other!

What hobby are you thinking of taking up in 2017? Tell us in the comments and tag someone who would be interested in taking up one of these!

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Sarcastically ironic, Dave is a recovering hipster musician with a penchant for chicken, women's clothes and Kanye.

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