7 Annoying Things All Foreigners Do When Using A Lift In Malta

Yes, we said lift, not elevator

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Using a lift can be trick business, but we Maltese have got it down to an art. The problem is, these waves of foreigners flooding our buildings means they keep getting everything wrong.

Here's a few of the annoying things they do when taking the so-called elevator.

1. They press the button corresponding to the direction they're heading in

Don't you know you can press up and/or down and it doesn't matter in the slightest? Why only press one button when there's literally two calling out to be used?

2. They only press it once

Hello? Can't you see all the Maltese people angrily tapping the button repeatedly? This is a secret technique to make it appear faster, and you're not helping.

3. They stop talking when they're inside

How rude to suddenly fall silent. You're supposed to loudly continue talking to your friend over the heads of everyone else in the lift.

4. They don't get angry when their phones magically disconnect

Every time we take a lift we're taking a call in a lift, we're surprised our conversation is cut off due to bad reception. Surprised, and very annoyed.

5. They notice when the door behind them opens

They don't even try to kick down the door they're facing when it doesn't open. Shameful.

6. They don't try to strike up awkward conversations

How dare you not pry into my personal life till I feel uncomfortable. Who are you to not be asking me about what I'm doing in the building?

7. They don't mind when you press a different level to the one they need

Hello?! You're supposed to tut and be annoyed that someone else is using your lift.

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Chucky Bartolo

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