7 Apocalyptic Scenarios Behind Malta's Scariest Storms

Can you say "divine retribution"?

Rabat Storm Featured Image

The weather today is forecasted to be no less than grim, but at least we can safely say that – we've seen worse. Okay, we can hear all you non-Maltese people shouting "boohoo" at us in disdain. But, truly, when the weather is bad in Malta it really does feel like the end of the world. 

Maybe it's our size, maybe it's our ill-equipped infrastructure, maybe it's the fact that everyone on the island always insists that bad weather is brought on 'because of' something. But storms, generally, scare the living daylights out of us all.

We've revisited some of our most memorable storms in recent years to try and understand just what they were pushing us for. Here's our take on it.

1. Thunderstorm for bungalows (2016)

This recent calamity-fest was almost definitely a response to MEPA allowing 30 more bungalows to be built at the Mellieha Holiday Complex – announced in the news just a day earlier. 

2. Freak storm for Budget time (2015)

Some impressive footage of Msida's characteristic flooding there... the elements must have found a problem with Finance Minister Edward Scicluna's Budget, announced on the 12th of that same month.

3. Currency betrayal (2008)

Sliema's landmark beach (Exiles) was engulfed in water swiftly following Malta's adoption of the Euro as its official currency. Maybe some of Malta's dormant mythological beasts took issue with the sacking of the 'Lira' and decided to wreak havoc?

4. Heralding the Labour victory (2013)

Having taken place in January 2013, this hailstorm is heralded the Labour Party's landslide victory in the general elections just a couple of months later. A divine rinse of all of Malta's former governmental sins? Or a sample of stormy seas ahead?

5. The end is nigh (2012)

This clip from 2012 is really scary. Not only is all of this happening during the year that the world was supposed to end, but it's also against the backdrop of Tigne – a huge development project that is still a sore point with some Maltese residents till today. And with the more recent high-rise fracas happening now, maybe the worst is yet to come!

6. Qormi floating coffin (2010)

Since this memorable floater appeared on the scene just a few days shy of All Hallow's Eve, we an only assume that it was an early treat from the Halloween gods. 

7. The fate of a brave onlooker... and the whole world (2016)

This memorable scene of an adamant onlooker defying the monstrous seas came only weeks before Donald Trump was given the green light to blow his own winds of change. This scary story heralded one of the most controversial Presidential elections the USA, or need the world, has ever seen. We've yet to see how many fatalities it will produce. 

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