7 Reasons Love Actually Is More Maltese Than You Think

The only country where accidentally meeting your PM isn't that unlikely

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1. Anyone can casually meet the Prime Minister

For the foreigners, this scene made the whole plot seem like a fairytale - a regular gal bumps into country's leader, and they fall in love. Awhhh 

In Malta, there's a solid chance you'll bump into your Members of Parliament at LIDL, or your Prime Minister at Burger King.

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2. Your BFFL marrying the girl of your dreams is statistically likely

We've said it countless times, we are a small nation indeed. It's kinda hard to not have some connection with your significant other's exs. Thankfully our generally non-poetic nature means there won't be any awkward door kissing encounters.


3. Family will always come before everything

It doesn't matter if you're about to bang the hottest guy at the Christmas party - when family calls, the Maltese will always answer. Well, we'll probably ignore the first one, and call you back after the second missed call (while lying through our teeth about who we were with).

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4. Rowan Atkinson's character could work at any local post office

Christmas is a time of many parcels, so it's not surprising that mail takes a little bit longer to arrive. But a little bit longer shouldn't mean receiving Christmas cards on January 3rd. "Here's to a great 2013!" - wait what? 

Also, just as an aside, we really need to start printing 'this is not sarcasm' stickers to add to our 'please do not bend' stamp.

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5. We can all understand the love between two people divided

Whether it's Malta's biggest ħamallu/a falling in love with High Ridge's most painful pepe, or two people crossing party lines to make it work - that's a Christmas miracle we can all be happy with. 

Communication may be tough (slippers are bed socks vs slipper are running shoes) but when it works out, it's always the cutest!


6. We've all had to play really dumb characters in Christmas plays

Who is Cleaven Redent Borg, and why is he driving his karozzin to the nativity? Could I not have simply been cast as Angel #6?

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7. Washed up celebs keep trying to break back into the scene

No shade intended, but we do have a rather geriatric celebrity pool who keep clogging up our airwaves. Well, at least it's a constant goldmine for GIFs.


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