8 Conversations You've Had With Your Nanniet If You've Visited Them Even Once

Maltese grandparents are the best

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Grandparents are an internationally-recognised source of good food, good memories and good times. And while every nation loves their abuelos and babushkas, there's something uniquely special about nanniet.

Here's a part of every conversation you've probably had with your own.

1. "You never come visit us"

I'm literally right here. In the room. How does this make sense? You could be living with them and they'd still say you don't visit enough.

That said, they're probably right and you don't visit enough #AddingToYourGuilt

2. "Ma nafx x'għafast, imma il-mobile mhux qed jaħdem"

Translation: "I don't know what I pressed but my phone isn't working"

Those 17 missed calls and three garbled texts suddenly make sense. Only Maltese grandparents can find the secret combination of keys to instantly self-destruct a phone.

No matter how many times you explain the simplicity of the solution, they're gonna ask for their Nokia 3310 back.

3. "Rajtu x'għamel Joseph??"

Translation: "Did you see what Joseph [Muscat] did??"

The first iteration of this is one that is said with beaming pride. Joseph Muscat has done it again; the best Prime Minister we've ever had has made huge, positive changes they know every detail about.

4. Or "Rajtu x'għamel Joseph??"

Translation: "Did you see what Joseph [Muscat] did??"

The second iteration has a much darker tone. Joseph Muscat has done it again. The worst Prime Minister this country has seen since Mintoff's day. Can you believe the latest change he's made that is set to bring the entire country to its knees?!

5. "Għax dari..."

Translation: "Back in my day..."

Did you just imply you've had a tough time? HAH! Get ready for a wartime story or a discussion on life in the 60s and 70s. You walked into that one.

6. "Tiftakar dik li kienet l-iskola miegħek? Ħuwha sar tabib u l-bieraħ mietet in-nanna tagħha"

Translation: "Remember that girl who was at school with you? Her brother's now a doctor and yesterday her grandmother died."

You probably don't even remember the girl in question or what year she was in your class, but your nanniet remember all, including their extended family tree. They do more than just remember - they keep updated.

7. "I pray for you ta, when was the last time you went to mass?"

It was probably Christmas, or Easter, but you're unlikely to openly admit that. And hey, Nanna's prayers are keeping you afloat so all's good.

So why not turn this into a fun excuse to speak to your grandparents? Email this article to them, then print it out and go visit because you know they're never gonna be able to open the link.

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