8 Last-Minute Maltese Carnival Costume Ideas That'll Help You Stand Out In A Crowd

Everything from robots to an actual plane

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Carnival weekend has already kicked off, and most people in Malta (and Gozo, of course) are well past the final stages of planning their costumes. 

If you're desperately trying to think of what to wear, here are eight ideas that will help you add a very generous helping of 'Malta' to your costume. 

1. The Valletta 2018 art installations (pre or post-vandalism)

It's only been a week since seven polystyrene statues symbolising different Maltese sayings were erected around Valletta, but they've already become one of 2018's biggest talking points.

When the statues were vandalised less than 24 hours later, it only solidified their position as one of Malta's first memes of the year. Jason Micallef later uploaded a ten-second video claiming he had found the four teenage perpetrators of the vandalism, and with the statues being removed from the squares earlier this week, the saga might be over for now. 

Until they're back, however you can very easily relive the magic by dressing up as some of your favourites. Dibs on the naked guy with his head stuck in an onion, and good luck recreating the pig with its own tail in its mouth.

Alternatively, go as the statues post-vandalism and chip a piece off your costume.

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2. Planegate

2017 was the year that everything happened, and it kept delivering up to the very final days. 

After a UK billionaire's private jet was blown off the runway in Luqa and crashed head-first into an office building, it quickly became the year's last meme.

So what better way to honour it all than going as #Planegate? Go for a couple costume and see which one of you volunteers to be the building, or go solo and use it as the ultimate pick-up line this weekend.

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"Nista nibqa dieħel ġo fik?"

3. A group of smiling doctors

An unspeakable act, according to Labour MP Glenn Bedingfield.

A photo of a group of doctors smiling while on strike drew the ire of Bedingfield, who had suggested that the photo was proof that the strike was actually some well-orchestrated PN conspiracy.

If you're stuck for a group costume idea, you can always just go as a bunch of smiling doctors and make sure you smile for the rest of the night. Just be careful not to end up on Bedingfield's Facebook timeline come Sunday morning.

4. That huge blue robot from the Valletta 2018 official opening ceremony

... or, you know, that other time La Fura Dels Baus had the same huge puppet-robot and human net performing in a massive European square.

This might seem tough to pull off at first, but you can always scale down and just put on a blue Morphsuit to replicate the effect. Add in a couple of 80s dance moves to the mix and you'll be good to go!

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5. Professor Simon Busuttil

In a debate over the controversial American University of Malta last night, Joseph Muscat revealed that former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil got a job lecturing at the University of Malta.

Take this opportunity to go for a timely politically-charged costume with minimal effort. Maybe add a long beard and a wizard's hat and go for a Maltese Harry Potter hybrid?

Screen Shot 2018 02 09 At 13 54 01

Well, what do you know? The rugged look actually suits him

6. Christabelle's Taboo box

This year's Eurovision song for Malta saw Christabelle's team pull out all the stops for a stage performance which had a large glass box at its literal heart.

And while that might be too heavy to carry around with you, you can always emulate it with a transparent plastic structure. Bonus points for the costume giving you enough space to breathe in a crowd.

7. Serial Bullshitter

During the last parliamentary sitting of 2017, things got very heated when the word "bullshit" kept being thrown around. Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo was the one who went the hardest though, making for a rather tiring session for Speaker Anġlu Farrugia.

What's so great about this costume is that you only realistically need a piece of paper with "BULLSHIT!" written on it to carry around wherever you go. If you want to be even more accurate, put on a shirt and a dark sweater, and you're good to go.

8. The Trident Trio

Maltese 90s kids will remember the Three Musketeers and how common that costume was come Carnival. Well, it's time to take things up a notch. 

Choose your two favourite mates, paint yourselves azurite blue and go as the newly-restored Triton fountain in Valletta. 

Extra dedication points go to the group that manage to balance a huge dish over their heads for the whole night.

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Tag someone who can do with a little Carnival costume inspiration!

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