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8 Reasons Maltese People Need To Retake Their Driver’s Test… And Why They’d Probably Fail

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A common stereotype of Maltese people is that we aren’t the best behind the wheel of any vehicle that moves. And with many people driving massive 4x4s despite Malta’s total lack of offroading opportunities, the need for more actually decent drivers is very, very noticeable.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of very dangerous driving habits that many of us have adopted that would probably make our old driving instructors shake their heads in disappointment. If you regularly do any of these things, you might need to consider a couple more lessons, for your own safety and others!

1. What Zebra Crossing?

I’m sure at some point or another, we’ve all seen someone drive straight past a zebra crossing while people are waiting to cross.

In rare cases, you may also see a true gem of a human speed through when people are just about to cross or have already stepped into the road because the car in the closer lane stopped for them. Raise your hand if you’ve ever witnessed this exquisite habit.

2. Ignoring your Indicators

Because why should you waste your precious energy to move a little stick that will immediately inform everyone else on what you’re about to do when you could just not?

Changing lanes? Just move. Turning left? K bye. Roundabouts? Now don’t even get me started on those, because can you honestly tell me that you know when you’re supposed to use your indicators on a roundabout?

3. How do roundabouts even work?

While we’re on the subject, as soon as some people approach a roundabout, it feels like they immediately forget every rule about which lane to be in, when they should and shouldn’t drive off, and, of course, which indicators to use.

Now, for this point specifically, I need to thank those drivers who actually follow the rules properly. As a learner, I appreciate you.

4. Life isn’t Mario Kart

This point is a direct call out to every driver who goes unnecessarily fast down narrow roads, swerves left and right haphazardly, or yeets rubbish out of their window like they’re trying to throw a red shell to whoever’s behind them.

I see you, I strongly disagree with your actions, and I hope you change your ways.

5. Drunk drivers, it’s time to stop

This one is easily the most serious on the list, but it’s something that many people feel they can get away with considering everything in Malta is close by, and they’re not that drunk.

This is of course very incorrect, very dangerous and very illegal… so maybe don’t do it, just maybe?

6. So you know those lights at the front of your car? They actually have different brightness settings, and that matters

This habit is one that is very common on our roads as very few people seem to understand that headlights have different brightness settings which allow you to still see the road ahead without blinding the other road users.

This is even worse when you’re stuck in late night traffic or when one of those big 4x4s I mentioned earlier starts to follow you and their lights reflect off your rear-view mirror and right into your eyes.

7. Be patient, I’m still learning here

Many Maltese drivers seem to have forgotten that at some point in life, they weren’t the most skilled behind the wheel, and now act like everyone in a car needs to be faster than Lewis Hamilton or else they’re legally allowed to assault your ears with their horn.

And if you think this isn’t how people are, I’m a learner and you’ve probably aggressively honked at me so…

8. The Biker Issue

Something that is drilled into our minds when learning to drive but everyone conveniently forgets about is to check for motorbikes when driving.

This obviously leads to many terrifying situations and unfortunately even accidents that almost always end off worse for the biker. And if you don’t believe that it’s an actual problem, just read this Facebook post about the precautions bikers when riding.

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