8 Times The Maltese Wish They Could Shout 'Cash Me Outside'

Howbow dah?

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Nothing personifies the age of the internet quite like a 13-year-old girl threatening to beat up anyone who crosses her on America's Xarabank, Dr.Phil. If you haven't seen the clip yet, do yourself a favour, and check out the madness.

While not condoning the violence, there are several situations we wish we had her guts. 

1. When someone takes your seat at mass during Holy Communion

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2. When the power goes out nation-wide

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3. When someone grabs the last ħobża at the supermarket

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4. When someone disses pastizzi

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5. When they don't announce the act you want for Isle of MTV

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7. When someone plays music from their phone on a bus

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8. When you're trying to work, and someone is honking outside your window

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9. When someone calls your wife a "bitch"

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Tag a friend who'd totally cash someone outside. Howbow dah.

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Chucky Bartolo

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