8 Trends That Took Their Sweet Time To Get To Malta

Well it’s about time!


Malta is not often considered as the cool front row trendsetter. We’re more of the blundering kid at the back of class suffering a heavy hangover struggling to stake awake and remember an ounce of what is being said.

However, as is generally the case, we love shiny new things. When we go abroad and see something new, or hear something new, we immediately know we want it, and after some time of making a general fuss some group decide to bring it down to Malta for us.

Here’s our list of eight trends which took their sweet time to hit our rock. Enjoy!

1. Automatic cars

Back in our day, there was a range of insults to hurl at anyone who suggested that cracking gears was not the way to go.

As may often be the case, sometimes we’re just too stubborn to get our head around the ideas of the future. This being said, we must confess automatic cars are great and have been great since they arrived in force.

No longer will your foot ache through the pains of balancing in traffic for hours on end, and let's face it; you're going to have to do a whole lot of that when driving in Malta.


2. Swipe To Pay

Believe it or not (believe it), most customers in Europe shudder at the prospect of paying in cash.

While it hasn’t yet become a standard (and we have our doubts if it ever will), there are a few places where you already find this system in Malta. Swiping your card quickly and paying on the go have become a thing of norm in some places... but it's taken its time to get here.

Tenor 1

3. Relaxed business practices

Addios tie and see you later Mr. long sleeved shirt.

Traditionally, most companies in Malta maintained strict and unflattering business protocols.

Thankfully, as we transition into the century 18 years too late, more and more owners are realising that the comfort of employees as well as modern business practices such as flexi-hours can and do pay off in the long run.


4. Every fashion trend ever

Is it just us, or are we always a bit late to the party?

We’re always just that little bit later than everyone else. Maybe it’s due to the five-day minimum shipping ASOS hits us up with, or we’re always waiting for someone braver than us to pull off new styles before we’re willing to accept the new status quo.

But damn if we don’t look good when the new trendy shit turns up.

Giphy 1

5. Coffee Revolution

The coffee revolution has hit Malta... now.

No longer will we be subjected to sitting down and sipping coffee through porcelain cups.

We will sip through paper cups, and we will be putting the sippy cup on top.

Giphy 2

6. Social Media

While we’re now always at the ready to accept the newest social media app, in the beginning times were different.

The services of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram were always freely available to the Maltese public in the same way they were in other countries, but it did take us a bit of convincing before we all hopped on board.

To make up for that tardiness, though, everyone and their grandmother and dog is now on social media.


7. All the (not)Uber taxis around

While Uber became a global success mid-way through the decade, the business venture of the Uber idea has only recently hit Malta.

With many companies on the island employing the business model of the global conglomerate, we should have known it was only a matter of time.

Tenor 2

8. Beyblades...


If you’re a pre-2000s, kid there’s no way you won’t remember the hype behind these puppies. At the time, Beyblads were being sold in most countries except Malta, and for a while the only method of getting them was through the ‘new’ Ebay site.

Oh how far we’ve come.

Beyblade Battle Royal

What are the trends which took you the longest to sign up to? Let us know below!

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Written By

Daniel Borg Cardona