9 Films That Could Have Actually Been About Maltese People

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There's nothing quite like watching an amazing film. A good film can move you to laughter or tears, it can make you feel scared, alive, curious, enthralled. Most importantly, the best films are those that can reach you on a level you never even thought you could be reached. They are relatable, they describe your emotions better than you ever could.

Then there are ones which are so close to reality that it's pretty damn uncanny. Here's a bunch of films which could easily have been based in Maltese society. 

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral

With the amount of Maltese weddings you're invited to annually once you hit your late 20s in Malta, a story where the same group of people are all in attendance at each one would be super plausible here. 

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2. Brokeback Mountain

Even though we've come a hell of a long way on LGBT+ rights in Malta, there was once a time where it was really, really hard for people to come out to their loved ones. Having to trek up a mountain to live out a secret, same sex affair doesn't seem too far fetched for Malta. Of course without the mountains... but we do have plenty of goats!

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3. 500 Days Of Summer

And no, it's not because we almost have as many days of actual summer. It's because every Maltese person can relate to going to a house party and finding out their ex is dating someone completely new. Only in Malta, you probably grew up with that person.

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4. 27 Dresses

Growing up with so many close girl friends means there's so much scope for Maltese ladies to start their own collection of bridesmaids outfits. The abundance of hot, sweet journalists to fall in love with locally? Well, here's a start

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5. Mamma Mia!

Okay – replace singing and dancing with swearing and sitting on the sofa, and basically this island, love story could be about Malta. Pressure to get married, gossiping divorcees, gorgeous beaches – one and the same. 

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6. August: Osage County

A belligerent matriarch and a family dinner so full of insults and personal jabs you'd think you're re-living Sunday lunch at Nanna Doris. This could be a Maltese family without even having to touch the 'incest' part of the story. #WentThere

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7. Mrs. Doubtfire

Okay, so maybe the plot didn't really lend itself to a Maltese setting. But how much did this cute Scottish grandmother remind us of our own lovable nanniet?

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8. Mean girls

Remember the school cafeteria scene, where all the different tables of people are explained – can you say klikkek? Gossip and cattiness can be rife in Maltese schools, so this could have definitely been a local story.

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9. Easy A

Gossip spreading like an infectious disease and tainting the reputation of a teenage girl? Every Maltese group has seen this happen at least once. 

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Any others you think would fit perfectly in a Maltese setting? Let us know in the comments section!

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