9 Harsh Truths About Life In Malta Made Easier With Cute GIFs

Being an adult is hard

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Sometimes the truth hurts. That said, the dawn of the internet has helped make the blow a little bit softer with an endless supply of GIFs to make harsh realities a little easier to swallow. 

Here's nine thought-provoking looks into life in Malta, made a little bit better with furry friends.

1. Politics will always come up

You can be talking about a cute cat you saw on the internet; one side is going to take credit and the other side is going to rip them apart.

2. One of your friends will date an ex

It's just a numbers game, given the number of eligible people found locally and the fact that you and your friends are likely to have similar taste, it's gonna happen at some point.

3. In a lot of work situations it is all about who you know

Cliques dominate the world, even more so on a tiny island like ours.

4. We'll probably never make it to the World Cup

Every year we feel a glint of excitement, but it's highly unlikely to ever come true.

5. The traffic problem is unlikely to ever be resolved

And our public transport can't run smoothly if more and more cars are piled onto the roads.

6. Almost every single person living in Malta drives drunk

Even if they think they're not under the influence, but we're almost always over the limit even if it's just by one glass of wine.

7. Big celebrities will never tour locally

You think Beyonce has time for a concert on the Fosos? Try again.

8. Family pressure to 'conform' doesn't go away

You're gonna keep getting asked about your girlfriend/boyfriend/wedding/kids/job for the rest of your life. 

9. Your extended family's combined savings doesn't come close to Hugo's wealth

Enjoy work today!

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Chucky Bartolo

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