9 Small Maltese Shops To Cure Your Permanent Shopping Itch

Choosing local has never been more rewarding

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Sometimes we seem to forget that we can obtain beautiful preciousness locally, and end up opting for foreign products. Thankfully, though, awesome local products exist... and they're only increasing in frequency.

Here is a list of nine local shops which you need to start visiting to cure your shopping fix ASAP.

1. Ċekċik

This local business started out by selling incense, fabrics and other small ethnic articles. This cosy shop in Valletta offers a wide variety of knick knacks and adorable lamps, perfectly living up to the name.

Entering Ċekċik will leave you in wonder and awe looking at all the unusual and pretty things they have for sale. 

2. Kotba Calleja

Seriously, Kotba Calleja is our favourite journal provider. Add to that the fact that  each and every item is delicately handmade, and you're in for an instant winner.

These pretty little things will make you want to write stuff down for whatever excuse you may get. 

3. Magic Touch Malta

Magic Touch Malta is mostly a page which offers information, but they also have beautiful pendants, handmade jewellery and precious stones which you may purchase online. 

The pretty pendants have a very intricate and delicate design, making these products really look like magic. 

4. Pina

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Pina offers a quirky selection of homemade gifts, jewellery, furniture up-cycling and pretty home decor. 

These lovely gifts are perfect for anyone who loves to look at nice things in their free time. 

5. Malta Stone 

Natural minerals and fossil enthusiast gather around, this shop was opened just for you. Malta Stone has a truly beautiful collection of stone gifts and fossils which will leave you impressed for sure. 

The shop even offers giant geodes and beautiful home decorations made purely out of precious stones and minerals.

6. Legends and Dreams

This shop offers beautiful and unique designs, from scarves to soft furnishings.

Their items really do look like the stuff of legends and dreams... and who's to say they're not?

7. Souvenirs That Don't Suck

These souvenirs don't only not suck, but are beautiful enough for locals to buy for themselves.

Souvenirs That Don't Suck sell socks, mugs, clothes and bags. So go ahead and treat yourself... and while you're at it, have a look at their new collaborators, equally amazing Te' fit-Tazza.

8. Seffarruġia

It’s no secret that we at Lovin Malta really love what Seffarruġia has to offer. Her luscious silk accessories and ready-to-wear designs are truly heavenly. 

We simply cannot ever get over her beautiful patterns. Seffarruġia even offers bespoke designs for weddings and other special occasions. 

9. Gem & Lapidary Malta

This cosy Ta’ Qali shop specialises in unique hand-made designs for jewellery and gemstones among which are pendants, earrings and bracelets. 

Their designs come in astounding shapes like animal heads or just natural unpolished gemstones.

Did we leave your favourite shop out? Leave a comment below 

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Written By

Chiara Micallef