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9 Maltese Locations That Are Guaranteed To Give You The Creeps

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Abandoned, haunted or just plain creepy places have a way of attracting people. Now whether you love that kind of shit or you cower during the first couple of seconds of a horror film, there’s just something about the unknown which keeps us on our toes.

Malta has its fair share of creepy places, from abandoned hospitals to age-old buildings and unsettling car parks.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the island’s creepiest places, and here’s what we came up with. Get ready for some chills.

1. St. Luke’s Hospital


St. Luke’s Hospital has been around since the 1930s. It was still incomplete by 1939 because, you know, two world wars tend to get in the way of infrastructure.

In the early 40s, it was converted into an isolation hospital which dealt with terrible diseases. For all the baby boomers out there, St. Luke’s will be remembered as the country’s general hospital. On 29th June 2007, however, the newly-opened Mater Dei Hospital replaced St. Luke, which slowly continued its lengthy process of disrepair.

Now, empty wards are reminiscent of those found-footage movies like The Blair Witch Project. Apart from being creepy AF, this hospital is rumoured to be haunted. Spooky

2. Bighi


This place was used in the 1800s as a naval hospital covering the Eastern Mediterranean. It was used during both world wars, so one can only imagine how many people have died in this place.

Nowadays, most of Bighi has been refurbished to host weddings and the cool Esplora museum, but we can’t help feeling a bit creeped out looking at old photos of the roof space and long squalid wards.

3. Hotel Splendid


Strait Street’s infamous hotel has its fair share of creepy stories. This ex-brothel has seen it all — including murders.

The rundown hallways and high-ceiling rooms will leave you feeling unsettlingly weird, especially when you learn that a working woman was murdered in the bathroom upstairs.

Sure, the Splendid is an awesome place for art exhibitions and one of the coolest performance spaces in Valletta, but would you want to stay after the people leave and the lights go out?

4. Shelter tunnels


The entrance to this creepy find is somewhere around the Porte de Bombes and pretty close to the old railway station. These tunnels look like they’re part of the abandoned railway station, but we’re not sure since they’re a good couple of metres off. All we know is that they were used as shelters during the war.

The abandoned tunnels look creepy AF, especially considering how long they’ve been abandoned for.

Screen Shot 2018 08 06 At 12 17 58

Photo by: Bertie Bollockbrains, (28dayslater.co.uk)

Screen Shot 2018 08 06 At 12 18 07

Photo by: Bertie Bollockbrains, (28dayslater.co.uk)

5. Jerma Palace Hotel


The area surrounding the abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel is one of the south’s favourite swimming spots. This large hotel was abandoned 11 years ago, back in 2007. Most parts of this hotel have literally collapsed and it has ever since become a popular spot for graffiti artists and arsonists.

Although creepy, this hotel houses some of the most beautiful graffiti on the island.

6. Raffles


This majestic building in Pembroke was built by the British during their long stay here. In the 80s, it ended up becoming a popular spot thanks to its conversion into a dope club for disco lovers.

Entering this beautiful building leaves people aghast — and not just because there’s too much rubbish, but also because trees are literally growing inside the abandoned bars and the dance floor.

7. An ex-nuclear bunker


A popular spot in the Mosta valley equipped with washrooms, canteens and even a damn cinema, this bunker was supposed to be used as a nuclear bunker, but it’s a hotspot for asbestos. How counterproductive.

This underground bunker is seen as a rite of passage by students who have no idea what asbestos is and how much harm they can get from it.

8. The Royal Navy Hospital


This creepy but beautiful hospital was half-transformed into a school at some point.

It’s been in use since the First World War and although it’s been converted, some of it is still untouched. So untouched, in fact, that even mortuary tables were in some of the closed-off areas.

Of course these are not really easy to access since the entrances have been sealed off. And, thank God, rumour has it that it’s very difficult to get inside.

9. Railway tunnels


The station was doomed since birth.

These railway tunnels were built in the 1800s to facilitate travelling between Valletta and Mdina. It took ages to built and less than a decade after, the company that owned it filed for bankruptcy.

The government took over eventually, but when busses were introduced, people didn’t really feel like catching the train anymore. Eventually it was closed down in the early 30s.

The tunnels are divided in compartments and were recently being used for mushroom farming, but growing cute little button mushrooms does not make the place any less horrific than it is though.

Seriously, these tunnels look like a deformed three-armed Gollum might come out at some point to rob you of your underwear.

BONUS: Fort St Elmo


This place is reportedly one of the most haunted in Valletta, and it’s given the creeps to everyone who’s entered.

The siege did not Fort St. Elmo any favours. When it was taken over by the Ottomans, the knights were beheaded and crucified. But before that even happened, legend has it that a small group of survivors battled it out till their last breath on an altar of St. Anne’s chapel, one of the fort’s most haunted spots.

Maybe the knowledge that thousands of people died here adds a bit to this unsettling feeling, or maybe it’s just the fact that it looks creepy and old. Either way, even with the recent beautiful restoration that gave new life to the place, we would not like to be left here all alone.

Did we miss out on any creepy places? Let us know in the comments below!

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