9 More Maltese Shops With Hilariously Punny Names

Believe it or not, the list continues

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Malta seems to have a knack for coming up with great punny names for shops, and the fun seems to just be starting. Following our first post, our readers suggested some hilarious other choices, and these are a few of our favourites. 

1. Bon A Pet Treat

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 05 53

There's too many layers to this one. Never has cat food sounded more enticing. 

2. Shoeniverse

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 09 24

Forget the world being your runway; how about the entire universe? Yes please. 

3. Dough Re Mi

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 11 39

Musical Mqabba, putting Julie Andrews to shame.

4. Zammeats

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 21 43

Running the delicious delicatessen at Arkadia Food Store in Portomaso, Zammeats aren't just one of the top local importers and distributors of fine food, but they also have one of the best surname-pun business names ever.

5. Hairific

Hairdressers must spend 50% of their business strategy meetings coming up with punny titles. This one also does the job of rating itself, so you don't have to.  

6. Specialeyes

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 33 23

Specialeyes specialize in eyes that are special. This pun brings a tear to our specialized special eyes.

7. Eggsperience

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 47 21

This Żabbar business sells beautiful gifts for any occasion, and the fact that these intricate works of art are all made from real eggshells really makes this an unforgettable eggsperience. 

8. Gori Butcher

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10 51 43

Gori is more than just a perfectly punny name for a butcher, it's also the owner's actual, real-life nickname.

9. Beat My Meat

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 11 00 19

Legend has it that there is a butcher in Bormla called Beat My Meat. We're still not quite sure how we feel about this, but the fact that it might exist is amazing.

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