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9 Reasons Why Malta’s Nanniet Will Always Be The Best People In The World

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There are very few people we love in this world more than our grandparents. They’re cool, they’re funny and they’re also the best cooks we know. Also, they’re super cute, so what’s not to love?

Here are nine reasons why Maltese nanniet are the best.

1. Our nanniet are the family’s backbone

They’ve raised almost every single person in our family at some point in their lives. From yourself to your cousins, aunts, uncles and parents, your grandparents have seen it all.

They’re here to feed, love and coddle you whenever they can.

2. They will never stop feeding you

And we mean never.

As soon as you arrive at your nanna’s house, you’ll be greeted with copious amounts of food. You’ll get tea, coffee, biscuits, snacks, bigilla, brodu, pasta, meat and a choice of at least three different desserts.

Visiting your nanna for a quick hello always seems to turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

3. Their hugs are the best thing in the universe


If comfort and love is what you need right now, ask your grandparents for a hug. We’re not lying. Those frail veiny arms are like envelopes of love and acceptance.

Nothing in this world can cheer you up as much as a hug from your nanna.

4. They’ve got your back

We’ve all made our parents so angry they threaten to kill us at some point in our lives. That’s where our grandparents come in. They offer refuge, comfort and more food.

You can camp out at your nanniet’s place for however long you need. They like having you around, and they always need a helping hand around the house.

5. They remember your birthday because they care, not because of social media

That’s right. We don’t know how the hell they do it, but our nanniet have never ever missed a birthday. They seem to be walking, talking birthday calendars.

It’s like they have superpowers.

6. They give out the best advice ever

They’ve been around forever, and they really understand the way the world works. And even if they haven’t caught up with modern daily life, they’ll still give you really good advice anyway. They know what to say and when they should say it too.

From food to love life advice, these cute hug machines know everything.

7. Their stories are amazing

Do yourself a favour and take your grandparents out for coffee someday soon. Just you and them, nobody else.

The fun stories they’ll have to tell about their wild years will be the best you’ll hear. It might take some time to pry these wondrous tales out of them, but the coaxing will all be worth it.

8. They’re the most inspiring people we know

They’re active, creative and they really know how to hold their life together. They’ve been through a lot of hardships which we can barely imagine, and they’re inspirational AF.

Nothing makes us look forward to being old more than looking at our grandparents. They’re a proper blessing.

9. Their brain-to-mouth filter is non-existent

So maybe this is a bit less adorable than the others, but in a world full of lies, everyone needs that line of sane honesty to keep you going.

You’re not sure about that dress you bought? Wear it in front of your nanna. Do you think you might be gaining weight? Ask your nanna. You’ll get the most brutally honest answers ever, every single time.

Tag your favourite nanna in a comment below… and share this post if you agree that Maltese nanniet are the best!

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