9 Things That Are Instantly Recognisable As Maltese

These visual snippets are in no way vague...


Have you ever watched a big Hollywood blockbuster and from out of nowhere, like an uncontrollable tick, your whole body jolts up, points to the screen while you insanely yell: "Malta! Malta!".

Yeah, it's happened to the best of us. The reason behind it is that there are a bunch of visual snippets that consistently confirm that what you're looking at is part of our beloved islands. 

Here's a list of the most "hemmhekk Malta, man!" worthy visual features.

1. Those wooden-slatted benches

Uncomfortable, but oh-so-Maltese.

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 13 15 56

2. The eye of the... luzzu

Unmistakably Malta. Probably Marsaxlokk, to be precise. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 09 05 34

3. Pregnant windows

We've all bumped our heads on one of these...

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 09 04 46

4. Old Maltese people

They just look different to other old people. Maybe it's the decades of sunburnt skin, or the clothes that have all faded into that beige-green-brownish colour – they're a dead giveaway. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 09 07 50

5. That iconic gardjola

(Maltese watch tower)

Thanks to millions of tourist photos throughout the years, this is one that has been burnt into our brains.

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 09 08 38

6. Maltese balconies

Almost as ubiquitous as that damn cross...

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 09 10 22

7. Those arched railings on the Sliema promenade


Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 11 07 37

8. Balavostri 

(Balustrades – typically made of stone)

Love them or hate them, you'll know instantly that you're looking at Malta if these guys pop up.

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 09 54 39

9. Anywhere in Valletta

Let's be honest, there are loads of towns in Malta that are gorgeous, but sometimes a little hard to differentiate from other southern Mediterranean places. Valletta – never hard. Even the more obscure parts of it. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 11 21 19

BONUS: Our harbour, no matter where they pretend it is instead

Screw you Count of Monte Cristo (2002), Marseille ain't got nothing on our stunning Grand Harbour. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 11 24 40

Are there any other Maltese features you instantly recognise? Tell us in the comments section!

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