A Christmas Wonder As Frosted Leaves Are Found In The Maltese Countryside

We're dreaming, but Malta might finally become a winter wonderland

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Nothing has ever brought us closer to our Australian cousins than this summer Christmas we’ve been having. We strolled in the countryside on Christmas Eve, experienced a typical summer storm on Christmas Day, and were out again by the beach on Boxing Day.

But last night, it seems that Malta’s gone back to basics as the air suddenly got fresher. Trudy Kerr, XFM 100.2’s British-accented voice on the Big Drive Home, found out exactly how cold it’s getting this morning. In a photo uploaded to Facebook, she saw frost in the valley between Għargħur and Madliena.

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The comments that followed all spoke about how cold it’s suddenly become this morning. “this morning at about 6am it showed 4 degrees on my mobile,” one Facebook user said, while most agreed that it’s starting to get colder.

Weather forecast reports for this week show that the temperature may drop to a low of 7 degrees by the New Year, despite it being mainly sunny throughout.

So zip up your jumpers and bring out your coat from the forgotten depths of your wardrobe. Not be sound too cliche, but winter’s (finally) coming to Malta.

Tell us what you think about the sudden weather change in the comments below!

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