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A Look Back At The Biggest Moments On ‘Strada Stretta’

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With just four episodes left till Malta’s most-loved show airs its final clip, Strada Stretta’s viewers are torn about the weeks to come. They’re excited to solve the open-ended mysteries, but sad to see the show go.

And so, while we nervously wait for the final episode on April 10th, let’s take a look back at some of the biggest moments on the hit TV series.

1. The massive ‘will she / won’t she’ cliffhanger at Lydia and Guido’s wedding.

She clearly didn’t want to be there, but her mother was the one calling the shots. Just in case one week of tension wasn’t enough, the cliffhanger was the end of season one, so we all had to wait months for the answer.

2. ‘Who really killed Alvio?’ – the question that haunted us for months

And we only just found that out now! To think Alvio’s death was a cruel mistake in the Guido/Giacomo drama!

3. The shocking death of Guido

We knew he was in poor health, but it still took a lot of us by surprise.


And after all these shocking moments, there’s still a couple of mysteries left to solve…

4. Will the ‘modern day’ friends ever find Lydia?

There’s only four episodes left so they’d better get their Sherlock on.


5. Will the killer ever be revealed?

With so many theories flying about (is it a woman or a man who’s wandering about murdering people? Are they a group of people committing the crime?) we literally cannot wait to see who is responsible.

So far, only Victor and Nenu know the truth, we’re almost jealous of what they’ve seen.


6. Will Lydia and Mario ever be united?

Be prepared for some serious protests if #Lydio doesn’t become an official thing.


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