A Pepé Person's Guide To All Malta's 'Ż's

No more 'Żejtun? Where's that?'

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When you're not used to travelling to certain areas on the island, having several towns that all start with the same letter can make the whole thing more confusing. One such example is the south of Malta, and all its 'Ż's. Well, if you're sick of your friends making fun of you for getting them wrong, here's everything you need to know.


It's the one near Bettina's Palazzo in Ħ'Attard, you know?

The only Maltese Ż that's not in the South. Yes, its name also means olives. You can reach it via one long, bumpy road off the Mrieħel Bypass, or through Qormi (but we both know you're never going from there maaa).


They're the ones who like, call themselvesbaqra?

One of the three southern 'Ż's. Żabbar is like, you know when you're like, going to the airport and there's the many lanes? Turn left instead of right, drive through Fgura (keep your eyes closed here) and you're like, there ta. It's really not that South South.

And yes, some do refer to themselves as baqristi


They talk a little funny here, aye?

Another 'Ż' from the south, which, despite being the same distance as Żabbar from Sliema, still takes longer to arrive to. They're known for their recognisable dialect and for churning out some of the island's most iconic għana singers.


No way, it's too far

Yes, even people who live in the south think Żurrieq is a bit of a hassle to get to. But it is worth the journey, if only for the 'gram. Plus, Sarah and Bettina will think I'm really like, hipster, you know?

Żebbuġ (Għawdex)

I think Papa has a farmhouse here

Once you've hit the Gozo ferry, you should notice you're not actually in the south. Still, another Maltese Ż so it was worth mentioning.


Pippa went to school there, no?

A small district of Mġarr and known to most pepé people as the home of San Anton and San Andrea. But like, Mġarr have really good ftajjar as well, ta.


Loved his mass meetings man, such a blast

Not a town, or a locality. More of a beloved cultural figure.

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