A Polish Woman Walking In Ċirkewwa Was Hit By A Flying Can Of Paint

Walking in Ċirkewwa will never be the same again


A middle-aged Polish woman who was enjoying a peaceful albeit windy stroll along Marfa Street, Ċirkewwa, with her husband was given the fright of her life when a flying can of paint hit her out of the blue.

TVM reported that the woman was hit by a paint can that had flown off of a passing truck after high level winds had apparently lifted the 20 to 25 litre can right off the back of the truck and into the walking woman.

She was, fortunately, only slightly injured, but was taken to Mater Dei to be treated for shock and further monitoring.

Incident Cirkewwa 2

The truck is owned by a Gozitan who was transporting at least three paint cans in the back of his van at the time. He pulled over soon after he realised what had happened. 

The incident occurred at 11:20am.

Traffic was diverted from Mellieħa to Ċirkewwa this morning to ensure that no further injuries occurred by flying paint cans or otherwise.

Have you seen anyone else get hit by items thrown around by the wind in Malta?

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