A Quick Look Into Other Things Hugo Could Invest In

Since he's pretty much taken over Paceville already.

Hugpos Cover

An introduction isn't really necessary. It's the weekend, and pretty much everything you touch is already owned by him. You may not know him personally but you sure as hell know his name: Hugo. He's taking over the island so here are a few other things that would be hilarious if Hugo were to own them. 

1. Hugo's condoms 

Let Hugo come inside of you.


2. Hugo's Primary School

If you want your kids to be business savvy you know where to send them. 


3. Transport Hugo

Ride it like he does. 

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All buses would have plush seats, air conditioning and party music. Hugo if you are reading this, can you make this happen please. 

4. Air Hugo

Join Hugo in the mile high club!

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5. Hugo's Cathedral 

Hmm maybe not.


6. Splash and Fun with Hugo

No, it's not another strip club...but you will get wet. 

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7. Hugo's Hosptial 

Prescribing anti-hugotics to make you better. And imagine the staff.

Eva Longoria Nurse

8. Hugo's Gozo

At this point... why not? 


8. HuGozo Ferry

The only logical way to get to Hugo's Gozo.


10. H-cabs 

Pick up like Hugo.


11. Hugo's Pet Shop

The best place to get pussy and bitches.


Whatever you think of him the businesses that Hugo owns are always well staffed and well equipped. Let's face it, Hugo DOES do it better. (But please don't buy Gozo). 

Can you think of any more businesses that need a touch of Hugo? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or send us a tweet!  

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