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A Step By Step Guide For Surviving Boxing Day In Malta

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You wake up at 9am for no reason other than your internal clock hasn’t yet realized when it’s time to sleep in, and the headache doesn’t hit until you scramble out of bed and the dizziness starts.

It’s the day after Christmas, and you haven’t got a clue of what you’re meant to do.

Get over hangover with leftovers: check.

Fuck about with new presents, rewrap the bad ones to give to the person you ‘forgot’ to get a present for: check.

It’s 11am, and you’ve done all the things that you had to do today.

If your Boxing Day is as bland as this, we’ve got a checklist that will keep you from boredom for the other 12 hours of the day.

9am: Sleep in

This is the only time this year that you’re going to be able to sleep in, so go for it.

11am: Panettone and gammon for brunch (and mulled wine for aperitif)

There’s only one day to end Christmas Day, and that’s with a fridge full of leftovers. If this isn’t a reality for you then (A) you poor thing, you’re missing out but also (B) head to a friend’s house ASAP and munch on their mother’s turkey and nannu’s christmas log.

1pm: Box your new gifts

This is literally the day to pack away your presents, cash cheques (if only) and rewrap the bad ones to give out for that Secret Santa with work colleagues next year.

3pm: Meet up with your squad for a Christmas movie marathon

Meet up at a friend’s house, wear your new favourite Christmas sweater and put on Elf for the upteenth time, followed by Home Alone for the squizzilionth.

5pm: Spend some time outside

You don’t need to be a queen couch potato today, so get outside for at least half an hour for some fresh air and a fresh escape from the family.

7pm: Family bonding session

Because you didn’t spend enough time with each other on Christmas day, you bring out that board game your sister got (and that you played all day the day before). Besides, you’re not going to open that box until Christmas the next year anyway.

9pm: Dinner of leftover toasties

You’ve done all the things to do before eating again, and now’s a good time to make the last meal out of leftovers, right?

We swear we’ll stop thinking about food after this…

11pm: One last Christmas film

Fall asleep to one last Christmas film before you have to start getting over your post-Christmas blues the next day.

BONUS: Don’t do any of the above

Really, we’re going to completely disregard this list. We’ll spend the day getting ready to go out and we’ll leave all of the shit we’ve got to get done for after the New Year.

Tag the friend you’re going to spend your Boxing Day with

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