All The Random Shit You Can Buy From LIDL Malta Right Now

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LIDL and Malta are the definition of a match made in heaven; bargain prices and everything you could ever need (and so many things you do not) under one roof. But what really makes LIDL special is that you're never really sure of what you're gonna find till you get there.

Well, here is some of the random shit we found in LIDL this morning that's available for you to go and buy right now.

1. A whole tuna steak in a can

Img 5825

2. Star wars PJs

Img 5829

3. A toilet seat

Img 5813

4. A guitar stand

Img 5823

5. A sleek table lamp

Img 5821

6. Light weights

Img 5820

7. Multi-functional slicer and tupperware combo

Goof Slicer

8. Baby-food blender

Img 5817

9. Car seat massager

Img 5814

10. Sprouting bulbs

Img 5809

11. Wet-room sealant

Img 5807

12. 'Elsa' ...ish

Img 5822

13. Gel knee pads

Img 5837

14. These stylish papoċċ

Img 5839

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Chucky Bartolo

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