Can You Guess How Many Masses Are Held In Malta Every Year?

Looking for a mass close to you? One in sign language? This website has you covered!

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If you're looking for a one-stop website listing everything you need to know about mass in Malta, then look no further than

The website boasts 10,091 mass times listed in 237 churches, 232 chapels, 12 sanctuaries, 10 basilicas and 2 cathedrals. That means that if there are roughly 10,000 masses a week, we're looking at over 520,000 masses annually.


The website, which has a surprisingly well-designed layout allows you to sort your search by churches closest to you, language, time - and of course if you're particularly picky by style. 

Yes, you can narrow down your search to just chapels if you feel like a quieter experience, or just basilicas if you want that extra wow-factor.


From Tagalog masses to Maltese sign language, this site is perfect for shortening those endless searches through that tiny booklet your dad swears he remembers putting on the shelf years ago.

And just to up the convenience there's also an app in the Google Play store - so it's basically Tinder for church.


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