Carmelites 'Disassociate' Themselves From Rival Sliema Banners Declaring Their Madonna Statue Is The Most Beautiful

The rivalry between these two festa enthusiast groups makes fights between two-year-olds look mature

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A Carmelite Commission has disassociated itself from two groups of Sliema festa enthusiasts for putting up banners taunting the quality of each other's festa celebrations and statues.

The chairman, secretary and members of the Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Madonna tal-Karmnu have called on fans of Saint Gregory and fans of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to try and mediate between themselves and find a solution to end and go beyond the childish banners.

"The chairman, secretary, and members of the Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Madonna tal-Karmnu, Balluta, would like to clarify that none of its members have anything to do with the banners that were put into place during the Feast of St Gregory in Sliema," they said.

"We disassociate ourselves from what happened and appeal towards both parties to meet and find a path forward with maturity that makes sense to both sides and both groups. The Commission finds itself ready to contribute towards this aim," they said.

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Pictured: Our Lady of Mount Carmel enthusiasts' banner

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Pictured: St Gregory enthusiasts' banner

The controversy started after street banners were used to taunt rival band clubs

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel enthusiasts taunted the St Gregory enthusiasts for the level of their street decorations this year, saying: "Ours is the most beautiful statue. Yours is the ugliest in Malta."

This banner was placed in Carmel Street, and soon after moved down to Manuel Dimech street - closer to their rival parish.

The St Gregory enthusiasts did not take this parochial offence lying down, and in turn put up their own banner which read: “Our club is the most beautiful one. You can only dream of having one like ours.”

Both banners were taken down by Monday morning - but another banners appeared on St. Enrique Street taunting the St Gregory band club.

In light of their childishness, the Carmelite Commission, the Carmelite Musical Society, and the Church have all condemned the actions.

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What do you think of this Sliema rivalry?

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