Did Your #LovinMalta Shot Make It To Our Special Pride Week Rainbow Flag?

Somewhere over the rainbow there's an Instagram theme waiting to happen

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Pride Week is in full swing across Malta and Gozo, with everything from lip syncs in drag, to the annual pride march slated for Saturday. In the spirit of pride, we've rebranded our image and our feed for the week, showcasing everything Malta and Gozo have to offer to the colours of the original eight-stripe pride flag.

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We chose 24 of the most vivid #LovinMalta Instagram snaps; here's who made the cut.

1. @nadinebugeja

2. @katiehutton21

3. @marrowhealth

4. @kcv_99

5. @dtravellinphotographer

6. @ed_degab

7. @pep_19

8. @gaiaandnina

9. @age.asklund_photography

10. @maltadoors

11. @josefbaldacchino

12. @elrowofficial

13. @francescaaxiaqdesira

14. @maltadoorknocks

15. @mariaellul96

16. @suahuatica

17. @fargrix

18. @luke.azzopardi

19. @nathancamillerii

20. @katiehutton21

21. @ronkerrimagery

22. @carlomuscat

23. @james.scic

24. @debonodebbie

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Happy pride everyone!

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