7 Different Types Of Maltese Bosses

Ara jien ukoll ġejt naqla lira

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In an ideal world, we would all be our own boss and retire at thirty five. But that's not going to happen. Here are some types of bosses you've probably had to, or will have to deal with at some point in your life.

1. L-Indannat Boss

Intimidating AF, you're pretty sure this boss hasn't smiled once in their life. They don't appreciate being bothered so keep that trivial question to yourself and only speak when spoken to. Make sure you've got an extra pair of underwear in your bag for that one time they do speak to you and you shit yourself. 

'Werwirni, nirraħ jixxawwat!'


2. The Minn Tagħna Boss

They will greet you with a slap on the back plus a kafé u doughnut ta' ħal-Tarxien . They give you freedom and flexibility but no direction whatsoever.

'Xaħħħħannnaaaa brooo!'


3. The Xeba Apatija Boss

This boss has a face of a slapped arse, is hard to communicate with and couldn't care less about your successes and failures at work if they tried.

'Ejja ħa mmorru 'l hemm għax qabżet!'


4. The La Vita É Bella Boss

This boss has a slice of sunshine for breakfast every morning. They stick inspirational quotes around the office and handle everything without unnecessary drama. They're approachable yet professional.

'Ejj' ejja, daqt il-Ġimgħa!' 

'Dude, it's Monday.'


5. The Min Hu L-King? Jien Il-King Boss

Most of us have had the privilege of working for a narcissist twat. If you haven't, you're probably him. The King Jien boss loves showing who's boss (in case anyone needed any reminding),  He has a massive superiority complex, walks around like a peacock but in reality, he's just a cock. Don't let him realise you're smarter than him.


6. The Fejn Reġa Sparixxa Boss

People have started to think you're bullshitting every time you tell them:

'Mhux qiegħed hawn ta. Nista' naqdik jien?'


7. The Ħanina Dinja X'Fittaġni Boss

As soon as you sit down to start working on the task they gave you three minutes ago, they call you into their office again. They then sends you a reminder on Skype and forward a PowerPoint presentation for proofreading. 

'Kemm sibtu f'patatti!'


8. The Nittien Boss

The mere sight of this sleazeball and the inability to punch him in the face increases the acid in your stomach daily.


'Jekk jerġa jħares lejja ħa neqleb kull m'haw.'


Have you had any other types of bosses? Comment below, but maybe don't tag them.

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