All The Ways Tonight's Hour Change Will Affect People

I ain't gonna fight you on more sleep though.


As you're probably all aware, tonight we set the clocks back one hour. This means we finally gain back the time so cruelly snatched from us six months ago. 

Here's a rundown of most people's reactions when they find all this out:

1. 'Yay, another hour of sleep'

A classic, and an eternally welcome gift. Maybe tomorrow I won't have to match my outfit to the bags under my eyes!

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2. 'Yay, another hour of partying'

You're tearing up the cage in Havana but it's 1:30am and you have an early meeting tomorrow. You decide to 'drop it like it's hot' for a couple more minutes and suddenly - wham. It's 1:00am again and you've got another solid hour of slut-dropping till your knees ache.

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3. 'What is this blinding 6am light?'

You fell asleep and forgot to draw your curtains - that's fine, you wanted to be up at 8:00am anyway. You fumble for your phone as the blazing midday sun sears your eyeballs. And as you look down at the time, you realise it's still 6:45am. 

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4. 'Omg I must have done so much overtime'

You scurry out of your office into the eternal darkness. You must have worked so hard time just flew and now you're commuting home close to midnight - oh wait. It's still 6:00pm and sunset is just being an over-eager bitch.

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5. 'Where is my 8:00pm sunset?'

I wanna sip a cocktail on the beach, and watch the sun go down - not have lunch, blink, and suddenly it's the darkest of nights.

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6. 'Aw, where the fuck are you guys?'

Well, we just stepped into the shower Sarah, because we remembered to set the hour back and are therefore aware that there's still one hour left till our arranged meeting time.

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What's your reaction to the hour swap? Tag a friend who always forgets to change the hour!

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