Don’t Be Like Daenerys: Maltese Psychology Clinic Goes Fire And Blood With Anger Management Promotion

That's certainly one way of looking at it


A lot has been said about that thrilling Game of Thrones episode, but one question has perhaps not been explored fully. Would Daenerys have done what she did had she received anger management therapy?

TherapyWorks, a Maltese psychology clinic, has cleverly pounced on this dramatic episode to promote its own services.

“Having anger management issues? Don’t let your anger torch a city. #TameYourTemper #StartTalking,” reads the clinic’s social media promotional post, over a photo of Daenerys flying Drogon and wrecking havoc over King’s Landing.

The ad is going quite viral on social media, with many Game of Thrones fans describing it as a great example of a brilliant marketing campaign.

Perhaps the clinic’s treatment can also be offered to all those fans who expressed unnecessary outrage at the show’s writers for “ruining” their favourite characters...

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