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€14,000 For A Corner In A Garage? Swieqi Basement Divided Into Separate Parking Spaces Has People Feeling All The Feels

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The never-ending saga of Maltese property prices skyrocketing to ridiculous prices has hit social media hard all over again this weekend.

A post on the popular online group The Salott drew attention to a Facebook listing for a garage space, and judging by the responses it got, it might just be the worst of the lot…

Someone listed a Sweiqi garage space for €14,000 on Facebook Marketplace. But it isn’t even a full garage… just a part of someone’s garage.

“Semi basement one car space no private lock up door, main door to the 5-car garage is electric with remote control,” the listing reads. “Priced 14,000€.”

Some Facebookers were understandably shocked by what they saw


But most thought the listing was actually reasonably priced and fair judging by the current prices…

As the person who originally posted the screenshot so bluntly puts it, we’re not sure whether this listing is hilarious or depressing. But judging by the continuous increase of property prices all over Malta, it might just be more normal than some people are making it out to be.

In fact, the situation seems even worse when you start reading some comments; one woman said she had just bought a two-car garage for €85,000. “So 14k for such kindly stands to reason,” the comment finished. More comments followed suit, with high prices being quoted left, right and centre… but one person commented on how a neighbouring 10-car garage was actually being split up between different tenants for everyone to be able to afford their own spot.

Do you think that’s a reasonable price for a space within a garage? Let us know in the comments below

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