Enjoy The Silence: The Best Places In Malta To Wind Down After A Long Week

Grab a book and just chill

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When there aren't torrential rains and gale-force winds, Malta in winter can be a beautiful place. The island is more placid, and the temperature means you can trek far and wide without becoming a big ball of sweat.

This is the perfect time of the year to find yourself a quiet area and just, well, chill. Grab a book, write a book, or write your first movie script. More importantly, enjoy the silence. 

Here are some the best places to enjoy that silence. 

1. Wied Speranza


2. Mixta Cave

Nadur, Gozo

3. Fawwara


4. Xemxija Heritage Trail


5. Wied Babu


6. Buskett Gardens

7. Dwejra, Malta

Limits of Rabat

8. Dwejra Bay


9. Dingli Cliffs

10. Ġordan lighthouse


BONUS: Comino

What is your favourite chill-out area in Malta?

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