Stages Of Enjoying A Long Weekend In Malta

Time flies when you're... wasting it

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Being gifted a long weekend is like someone giving you a fresh new outlook on life. Those extra 24 hours of freedom always make you feel like the world is at your feet. You can do anything – you have one day added to your weekend and that effectively makes you invincible!

So here's a play-by-play account of how you're going to experience your new-found fortune. 

1. Planning everything you can finally do

You are excited. There's a new, hipster exhibition in a garage in Ħamrun you really need to be able to talk to your friends about, so that's on the list. Plus that book Auntie Doris gave you for Christmas has gone untouched, and there's never been a better time to start learning how to play the ukulele... #pumped

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2. Stopping for a quick Facebook break

Okay, seeing as it's the first day, you've got plenty of time to stop and check what everyone else is planning on doing with their extra hours. Facebook pitstop! 

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3. Realising three hours have gone by

And you're now watching a video of a cockroach inside a woman's brain instead of eating that delicious brunch you said you'd plan for you and your friends.

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4. Checking the WhatsApp group to see what other people have planned

It's weirdly silent. About three people have asked if anyone's "up for something" without any concrete reply coming their way. You throw in a fourth for good measure.

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5. You decide to watch a bit of TV

Just till someone answers you on WhatsApp.

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6. After three more hours you start to feel shit about yourself

And phone up your girlfriend/boyfriend to complain about not having any friends and that there is never anything to do on this f***ing island!

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7. You write off any activity suggestion as completely ridiculous 

You want me to go all the way to Ħamrun to look at someone's blurry polaroid photos in a garage and pretend it's art? No, I do not care if everyone on the WhatsApp group is there! 

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8. You decide to have a shower and "decide after"

...which Netflix show you want to watch while you don't even contemplate leaving the house. 

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9. You promise yourself tomorrow will be different

You have SO many things planned!

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Do these stages sound familiar? Let us know how you plan to spend your long weekend in the comments section on Facebook!

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