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You Could Be In With The Chance Of Winning €215,000,000 In Malta

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The EuroMillions, Europe’s biggest lottery keeps on rolling over. With no one winning the jackpot, draw after draw, you now have the chance to bag a jackpot that’s tens of millions higher than a Superdraw jackpot. 

The EuroMillions has grown so large that the Superdraw, the special lottery that was meant to happen at the end of April, will be happening at a different date. 

What’s so special about EuroMillions? 

The EuroMillions is a huge lottery that is played across various countries. Starting almost two decades ago, players from the UK to Austria will be playing against each other to hopefully win one of the highest jackpots in Europe.

So far, the biggest EuroMillions prize was won on the 15th October 2021 draw. Being her first ever try at playing the lottery, a French Polynesian woman decided to give it a shot after seeing the record-breaking jackpot that was up for grabs. 

Turned out to be a pretty lucky decision as she ended up being the sole lucky ticket holder of the €220 Million top prizes. Making this not only the largest every EuroMillions jackpot but also the largest prize to be given out by a European lottery. 

After this event, the EuroMillions have decided to up their limit from a jackpot cap of €220 million to €230 million. Inching closer to every draw, players can now play for the chance of winning a historically huge prize. 

What happened to the Superdraw? 

If you follow the EuroMillions dates closely, you’ll know that a Superdraw was scheduled for the 29th April 2022. But it never happened. 

A Superdraw is meant to be a special EuroMillions event. The minimum jackpot is set at €130 million, but as of the end of April, the normal EuroMillions draw has blown past the €130 million mark. 

This means that the Superdraw needed to be pushed back to ensure that the event remains as special as can be. 

How do you play for the EuroMillions jackpot? 

Long gone are the days when you needed to be from one of the nine EuroMillions countries. Thanks to theLotter you can get your hands on some EuroMillions tickets and give yourself a chance to win the jackpot. You will need to move quickly however as the jackpot can fall back down to €17 million in no time. 

It takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 9pm. To play, just visit theLotter.com, create an account, and head on over to the EuroMillions page. 

Here’s how to play:

  1. Pick your main five numbers between 1-50
  2. Choose two lucky stars from 1-12
  3. Pick how many lines you want to play
  4. And that’s it!

Once you’ve ordered your tickets, a representative from theLotter will go out and buy your ticket with your chosen numbers. These tickets are then scanned and uploaded to your online account. Stored safely and securely up until the draw, you don’t need to remember where your lottery tickets are anymore. 

If you happen to be a lucky winner, you will know about the good news almost instantly as theLotter will notify you via email or SMS.

The best part of all is that theLotter will never charge you any commission on prizes. So if you do win the record €230 million jackpot it would be all yours, subject to tax deduction where applicable.

Good luck and play responsibly!

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