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Fire Up Your Grey Cells! An Immersive Murder Mystery Night Is Coming To Malta

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Stock photo of a murder mystery night in South Carolina (Photo: Grand Strand Magazine)

Fancy yourself the next Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot? The Carob Tree, the new food court in Spinola, is offering you the chance to put your crime solving skills to the test!

For three consecutive evenings from 28th to 30th October, the Carob Tree, in collaboration with Studio 18 and The Pod, will transform into a murder crime scene, with guests working together and against each other to try and solve the mystery. Guests will be provided with packs with information on their own and other characters and must remain in-character throughout the night.

Some of the organisers will also take on roles in the story, but they will be informed about the murderer’s identity beforehand, ensuring they will play along with the rest of the guests. Of course, one of the characters will be the murderer, whose role in the game will be to stay under the radar and try to deviate attention away from themselves as much as possible. At the end of the night, guests will share notes and theories and the killer’s identity will be revealed.

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This immersive experience costs €50 a head, which includes free parking, a bottle of water and a serving of food from each of The Carob Tree’s kitchens and bar, an immense variety ranging from South Indian street food and Asian fusion to traditional Italian and cuts of meat.

The food court will remain open to non-participants while the mysteries are in play but they will be seated on the terrace, where they can watch the action from a distance.

Tickets can be purchased from here while more details can be found on the Facebook event

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