Free Mental Health Services In Malta: Everything You Need To Know

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Mental health is still not addressed properly in Malta. Fine, we have Eurovision representatives singing about it, but the subject is still a major taboo. Some people feel like there’s no space safe for them to speak about it openly without fearing judgement. 

We see this in every generation, especially the older ones (which to be fair, have it worse than the younger generations do). Elderly people are more vulnerable to feeling depressed or getting anxiety due to the simple fact that most of them suffer from crippling loneliness.

The first step to seeking help would be visiting your GP or a doctor from the Polyclinic. 

You would need to outline the problem for them to refer you to what is needed. Sometimes, you can choose whether or not you would want to go to a private clinic, however we will outline the services offered for free here in Malta. 

You might be sent to either the Local Health Clinic (mostly the one close to where you live), or the Psychiatric Outpatients at Mater Dei. In both these places, you will find available the services of specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, care workers, social workers and even nurses who specify in mental health. You will then be referred according to your needs. 

Mental Health Clinics

1. Qormi Mental Health Clinic

Contact numbers: 21 441317 or 21 440170

Address: Triq il-Vitorja, Qormi

2. Floriana Mental Health Clinic

Contact Number: 21 220454

Address: 25, Robert Sammut Square, Floriana

3. Paola Mental Health Clinic

Contact Number: 21 821 566

Address: 40, Paola Square, Paola

4. Cospicua Mental Health Centre

Contact Numbers: 23 972330, 21 662088 or 21 675492

Address: Triq L-Iljun, Cospicua

5. Mtarfa Mental Health Centre 

Contact Number: 21 454 917

Address: Town Centre, Ir-Reġimenti Maltin Str, Mtarfa

6. Psychiatric Outpatients at Mater Dei

Contact Numbers: 25 456930 or 25 456931

Address: Triq Dun Karm L-Imsida

7. Child Guidance Clinic, Gwardamangia

Contact numbers: 25 951799, 25 95180 or 25 951801 

Address St. Luke's Hospital

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Chiara Micallef