Genius Maltese Family Turns Street's Ugly Daily Sight Into Beautiful Outdoor Entertainment

Mamma Mia, now that's a good idea!


Cranes, scaffolding and towering pale building sides dot Malta's landscape, and they soon become an unpleasant sight many people have to put up with on a daily basis. That is, unless you see them as the ultimate blank canvases.

Last night, one family in San Ġwann transformed a recently completed block of soulless construction in front of their house into something brimming with soul; an outdoor cinema!

Projecting Mamma Mia to properly bring out that summery vibe, the family's evening screening attracted a couple of onlookers from all over the block.

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"A lot of people were out to watch," one resident told Lovin Malta. "People were out in their own balconies or roofs. It was such a strange but awesome community bonding!"

We were told that, following Mamma Mia, the family screened another film, a romcom starring Colin Firth, but they made sure to switch everything off by 11pm. "There was also no annoying or overly-loud sound to be heard, so they probably had their own sound close by," we were told.

Props to these geniuses for turning a boring sight into an outdoor cinema, and kudos for their out-of-the-box community engagement idea!

Tag someone who would've loved to join in for a viewing of Mamma Mia under the stars!

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