Google Finally Amends 'Insultingly Incorrect' Name For Malta

1964 finally arrived

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Last month, it was brought to our attention that Google had listed our islands as The Crown Colony of Malta (officially The Crown Colony of the Island of Malta and its Dependencies) in Google Flightsan online flight booking search service which launched back in 2011. 

Well, a representative from Google only just went ahead and contacted Lovin Malta earlier today, letting us know that the mistake has been rectified. We ran a quick search - the exact same one we had run last time, in fact - and wouldn't you know; we're back to only being listed under one name... the correct one.

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So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, things are back to normal and the Maltese Islands are back to 2017 again. Just in case you've been losing sleep over this latest mishap, you can finally rest easy.

And hey, it's good to know tech giants Google read Lovin Malta every now and then.

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