Gozitan Priest Makes Light Of 'Porsche Parade' Controversy With A Special Pizza

A video of Fr. John Sultana being paraded by children through Żebbuġ went viral internationally

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You certainly can’t fault Fr. John Sultana for lacking a sense of humour. After a bizarre stunt which saw him paraded through Żebbuġ, Gozo, in a convertible Porsche pulled by 50 children went viral worldwide, the priest has opted to see the funny side of things.

The priest on Tuesday uploaded a photo to social media of a car-shaped pizza, with the caption an obvious reference to his inauguration as Żebbuġ’s Archpriest.

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The stunt was widely panned in the press and on social media, with many calling it out as an ostentatious display that was in sharp contrast with the Christian value of humility.

However, Sultana has insisted the inauguration was a non-issue, while Żebbuġ councillor Sandra Grech has defended it as a village tradition that the children involved really enjoyed participating in.

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