Young Gozitan Videographer's Instagram Feed Will Give You All The Summer Feels

Every beautiful shade of blue imaginable

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Nick Bugeja is only 21 years old, but he's been making waves in Malta for a while now. 

The young photographer-turned-videographer claims his expertise is in "aerial cinematography", but if you take a look at his Instagram feed, you'll realise there's more to Bugeja than just a couple of beautiful drone shots. 

The young Gozitan's photos have a beautiful brightness to them, but it's his love for different shades of blue which really gets us thinking of Malta's summers. Here are some of his most awesome shots.

1. Aerial awesomeness

2. Ħondoq's underwater beauty​

​3. Comino's crystal clear waters

4. Me, myself and my drone

5. Gozo never stops strutting its stuff on Bugeja's feed

6. Discovering 'rizzi' (sea urchins)

7. Bugeja celebrating his upcoming summer birthday with some good old cave exploration

8. You can see why the young Gozitan is fond of aerial cinematography

9. "Sunday blues"

10. Filfla, hauntingly beautiful as always

11. Ramla Bay looking vibrant AF

12. His diving shots are insane

13. And of course he has one with the Azure Window (never forget)

14. He even makes sea pests look stunning

15. And he's never afraid to think outside the box... literally

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