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13 Guys You’ll Meet On Tinder In Malta

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In case you needed any reminding, that callous we call St.Valentine’s is around the corner. Some believe there’s someone for everyone, and while we can’t confirm that hypothesis, we can confirm that there are at least 14 types of men for you to choose from. 

1. The Bland AF One

It is unclear whether he has the personality of an amoeba or has lost his tongue, yet once he does eventually say something, conversing with him is like trying to draw blood from a stone.

A: Hey, how are you?

B: Hi, good thanks, you?

A: Good, you?

‘X’ isswipejajt-right tagħmel, Ġaħan?’


2. The Over-Enthusiastic One

The one you can’t get rid of (until you unmatch). He ends all sentences with an exclamation mark or two, showers you with compliments and gives you his number two minutes after matching in the hopes of meeting up. Great for your ego, not so great for much else. 


3. The Pompous Douche

No society (virtual or otherwise) would be complete without at least one douchebag posing in a Polo shirt in front of a yacht. Whether it is his yacht – as he would like you to believe – or not, is irrelevant. Do not feed his already over-sized ego and just swipe left. This will save you hours of listening to endless bragging and zero interest shown in you.

Screen Shot 2017 02 05 At 08 05 59

4. The Philosophical One

He strives to inspire people wherever he goes, Tinder being no exception. His description is some life quote and how he is looking for his soul mate. Could be worse, I guess.


5. The One Who States His Height

His only description is ‘1.94m‘ or he might play the fool with an extended: ‘1.94m, since it’s apparently important.‘ 


6. The one without a picture


Screen Shot 2017 02 05 At 08 08 42

7. The Billy Jean

A.K.A the one with a picture holding a child and stating the child isn’t his in his description.

Screen Shot 2017 02 05 At 08 11 21

8. The Model

This breed comes in many forms. Normally sporting a shitty hairstyle, he may be found posing in front of his Glanza, against a wall in some għalqa, in front of a mirror or at the gym. There is no substance to him. 


9. The one who’s 34 but is clearly 13

Well done for getting this far through life – god knows how you’ve done it.


10. The one who’s 34 but is clearly 50



11. Your Cousin/Teacher/Mechanic/Postman/Gynae



12. Your Friend’s Boyfriend

Thanks for putting me in the worst position of my life.

‘Dak il-muqran!


13. The Hippie

You swipe right because he’s cute and looking for ‘the ultimate travel companion’ but end up spending the rest of your life acting like you’re a nature-loving vegan.


Bonus: The One That Gets Away

The one that’s totally your type. The diamond in the rough. The moment you thought would never come. Too bad you got so used to swiping left that your fingers swiped left. Shock horror. #MadonnaNO.


May the odds be ever in your favour this Valentine’s, just don’t count on it.

Tag a friend who’s met one of the above or let us know a type we’ve left out!

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