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Gżira Mayor Slams LESA For Selectively Ignoring Irregularities As Wardens Drink Tea Next To Illegal Works

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Gżira Mayor Conrad Borg Manché took to social media to flag down construction work irregularities as he shared photos of wardens apparently drinking tea – all while next to a huge crane working without a permit.

He said he did this as any reports sent to authorities are systematically ignored.

The issue arose after a crane appeared in a closed road, Triq Manoel de Vilhena, to undergo works it didn’t have a permit for.

“Wardens can be seen at the corner coffee shop and the crane there at 7:08am when this picture was taken,” Borg Manché told Lovin Malta.

“I called the council to see if we reported and they told me we did in the past weeks but action was not taken against him so they didn’t yesterday. That’s why I put up the post to make sure that it is taken up. Unfortunately that’s the only way.”

In the post, Borg Manché shared a picture of what looks like wardens at a bar drinking tea in the shadow of a huge crane which is allegedly operating without a permit in Triq Manoel de Vilhena.

When asked who the transgressor is Borg Manché replied:”It would be unfair to put only this particular one on the spotlight as he is not the only one abusing… if you know what I mean.”

“Without permit.”

The mayor went on to question if anyone is protecting the operators.

“Does he have a patron saint? Where are the many authorities we have? I have put it up publicly now so that whoever has to take action takes action because this negligence has tired me now.”

“This week there are no permits because of the festa, except for emergencies, and it seems that this one is above the law and still works.”

“We have reported this particular individual several times, and nothing happens. Without permission! Let everyone know that they are not working with our blessing but with the blessing of the authorities who only fine those they want.”

“No wonder people get angry when they park in a corner (wrongly) and get a ticket, while this person works without permission with a huge crane in the middle of the road, and no one stops him and he doesn’t get fined a penny.”

“The enforcement system doesn’t work; that’s where reform has to be done if we want order in this chaotic country once and for all.”

“We’re fed up.”

Asked if as a mayor he has the power to ask the authorities to take action Borg Manché replied: “I have the same power as normal citizens have I report and they should take action but we wouldn’t know if action is taken or not.”

“About who these people are, it could be anyone. This particular contractor assumed that since this road is closed for traffic due to ongoing works he can work whenever he wants without getting a permit.”

“I made it clear to him that the state of the road is irrelevant any works done in any street have to be backed with a council permit.”

“I am not trying to pinpoint anyone in particular. The system is widespread.”

“We are at the mercy of an unelected CEO of LESA who decides who he enforces against.”

“I have proof of a list of emails (reports) sent to the officer responsible being deleted without being read.”

Borg Manché went on to share the copy of unread reports that LESA deleted (names have been redacted).

“If we don’t reform this system of selective enforcement this country will always be in a state of chaos.” Borg Manché concluded.

“This was last year. As you can see they are all deleted at the same time. This is how they treat the local government.”

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