Heartwarming Stories Of Kindness On Maltese Roads Emerge Online

Enough to restore your faith in humanity

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As summer keeps rolling out, Malta is set to keep getting hotter and hotter. Pair that with the island's notorious traffic jams and some people's insanely short temper, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster on Maltese roads. 

All of this, however, was the perfect opportunity for members of popular Facebook group The Salott to share some stories of positive experiences they've had on Malta's roads, and it all started with one extremely heartwarming story.

"Good people do exist," the person said, as she explained what happened to her elderly parents when they got a puncture at the extremely busy Msida lights. "They had people hooting horns and others shouting at them, but a biker stopped by in that scorching heat and repaired it for them," the person said. "They were so surprised and thankful that this guy stopped to help. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping them."

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The post got hundreds of positive reactions on Facebook, and inspired other users to share their own stories. One person thanked a guy who stopped in the heat to help out with puncture, finishing up by saying chivalry is definitely not over in Malta.

Another person even brought up a story from 2016, detailing the amazing time they were helped by a guy at five in the morning on the way to the Gozo Ferry.

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Of course, other people were quick to pinpoint their negative experiences on Malta's roads, but stories like the ones above should definitely act as a great example for the hot season ahead.

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